ICAAM Structure

Organization chart


Board of Directors

The Board of Direction ensures the proper functioning of ICAAM, in accordance with the plan of activities and budget approved by the Scientific Council.

Maria Teresa Amado Pinto Correia   (mtpc@uevora.pt )



Scientific Board

The Scientific Council includes all eligible ICAAM PhDs researchers. Its functions include approval of scientific and financial reports, annual activity plans and budget and the admission of new members.The President and the Vice Presidents of the Scientific Council assume the positions of Director and Sub-directors, respectively.

Permanent Council of the Cientific Council

The Permanent Council of the Cientific Council advises the Board of Direction on current affairs. It is formed by the members of the Board of Direction and by the Coordinators of the Research Groups.

Comissão Externa Permanente de Aconselhamento Científico

(in accordance with the article 6 of the Regulation the multiannual financing Programme of I&D units, of FCT)

Doutor Atanas Atanassov, AGROBIOINSTITUTE (ABI), Sofia, Bulgaria.
Doutor Jean le Dividich, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, França.
Doutor Jorgen Primdahl, Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen, Dinamarca.
Doutor José Roldan Cañas, Departamento de Agronomia, Universidad de Córdoba, Córdoba, Espanha.
Doutor Winfried Blum, Institute of Soil Research at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, BOKU, Austria.

Grupos de Investigação - Responsáveis


The Steering and Scientific Advice are assisted in their activities by Administrative Services.

Fernanda Seabra
Luís Cláudio Arraiano

Unidade de Divulgação e Inovação Tecnológica

The Office for Communication, Technology Transfer and Innovation - UDIT, has as its main objectives to disseminate the results of research and development of ICAAM and promote the transfer of technological innovation contributing to regional development.

Contact Name:

Patrícia Vacas de Carvalho

Infraestruturas de Uso Comum

The infrastructure  of ICAAM include 22 laboratories, organized into 5 Áreas , and 10 Units of Support to Experimentation .

Infrastructure and equipment can be used by all members of ICAAM as well as authorized visitors.