ICAAM is organized in three large thematic strands, corresponding to three main goals of research:

  1. Efficiency in the use of production factors
  2. The Quality and added-value of agri-food products
  3. Ecosystems integrity and landscapes multifunctionality

These lines cover the multiple dimensions of sustainability:

  • The efficient use of factors contributes to the economic sustainability and replies to the needed ecological modernization, for higher resilience towards climate change.
  • The quality of agri-food products increases the added value of the sector and society's appreciation of agriculture and the rural, increasing social sustainability, and the technologies developed can only be competitive if they have reduced environmental impacts.
  • The ecosystems integrity guarantee the preservation of the natural resources and the multifunctionality of landscapes. This objective is extremely important in economic and social context, in face of the present demand for the rural world, as well as its needed vitality.