AGROnet - Alentejo Agricultural Research and Extension Network

The AGROnet (Alentejo Agricultural Research and Extension Network) is a scientific and technological cooperation Network for agricultural experimentation in Alentejo created by the Portuguese Dispatch n.º 2515/2017 (Diário da República n.º 61/2017, Serie II, ). It is carried by the Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (ICAAM) at the University of Evora and by the National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research, I. P. (INIAV, I. P.). Other institutions (public or private), which can contribute to the accomplishment of its mission and objectives, can however also join the Network.

The main objective of this Network is to improve the sustainability (economic, environmental, social and institutional) of the Alentejo region, which includes inventory existing resources, identify gaps and opportunities for scientific and technological development, but also use experimental plots of long duration with broad interaction with practice and rural realities.

It considers the specificities of the Alentejo region and guides its activities, primarily, toward the following sectors and systems of production:

a) Montado (a Portuguese agro-silvo-pastoral system that includes the cork production, extensive livestock and annual rainfed crops);

b) Olive groves and olive oil;

c) Vineyard and wine;

d) Irrigation cultures;

e) Transmission of knowledge.

The Network must promote experimentation and agricultural research in the Alentejo region in close coordination with the National Network for Animal Experimentation and Research, "Rexia2" (another Network also created by the Portuguese Government).

The partnership should also structure programs of investigation and development that ensure the complementary and the interaction with the current actions.

The Network organize an annual conference which is based on the best international practices and establish international comparative studies.

Coordination Council

The Network activities are followed by a Coordination Council composed by:

  • Prof. PhD Helena Pereira – Representative appointed by FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology
  • PhD Teresa Soares David – INIAV - National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research
  • Prof. PhD Mário Carvalho – University of Évora – ICAAM
  • PhD Benvindo Maçãs – INIAV- Elvas - National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research
  • Eng. João Paulo Catarino – Coordinator of UMVI - Mission Unit for the Interior Valorization
  • Dr. André Mattoso – Representative of MAMB – Ministry of Environment
  • Dr. Ricardo Migueis  – ANI – National Innovation  Agency
  • Dr. Roberto Grilo – President of CCDRA - Coordination Comission for Regional Development of Alentejo



Dr. Rui Raimundo
Project Officer
ICAAM - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Évora University
Phone: 00-351-266760885 ext. 44132