The Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) is a Network founded in October 1991 that associate Universities from the countries of the Mediterranean basin. It counts 103 associated Universities coming from 24 countries of both shores of Mediterranean.

UNIMED’s aim is to develop university research and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation. UNIMED acts in different fields: tangible and intangible cultural heritage, economics, energy, environment, management of water resources, transports, health, media, new technologies, history, tourism. The image that better represents our association is that of "a University Without Walls " (www.uni-med.net).

During the last few years, UNIMED has encouraged the establishment of sub-networks focused on specific fields, in order to get closer the Universities and favour the cooperation and joint projects between them. The initiative aim is then also to support the economic and social cohesion in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in order to promote even transnational and interregional cooperation as well as local sustainable development.

UNIMED currently established the following sub-networks:

  • Transports, Logistics and Multi-modality
  • Renewable Energies and Environment
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Mediterranean Tourism
  • Sport
  • Food and Water