SAGRI - Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

SAGRI - Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

SAGRI - Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

SAGRI – “Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture” is a three year Erasmus+ project.
The purpose of the SAGRI project is to provide farmers and agricultural stakeholders with knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of agro-environmental technology for sustainable agriculture.


The SAGRI project will allow agricultural workers to acquire the skills, knowledge and ability to understand and analyse agro-environmental systems as natural ecosystems modified by human activity, though with an emphasis on environmental technologies that can be applied to achieve crop sustainable production by means of improved systems’ management.

Partner Ships

The consortium consists of 10 partners from 3 countries. Three of them are higher education institutions: the P1-AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, the P5-UNIVERSIDADE DE EVORA and the P8-UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DELLA BASILICATA.
The consortium includes also the VET providers P2-EUROTRAINING EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION, P6-REGIBIO – Formação e Consultoria and P9 – ENTE DI RICERCA E FORMAZIONE that have vast experience in offering teacher training.
Additionally, the consortium includes P4-SWISS APPROVAL TECHNISCHE BEWERTUNG S.A. which is an accredited body in Expert Training and Personnel Certification.
Finally, the consortium is completed by the end user associations: P3-INSTITOUTO AGROTIKIS KAI SINETAIRISTIKIS OIKONOMIAS (INASO-PASEGES), P7-Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal and P10-CONFEDERAZIONE GENERALE DELL’AGRICOLTURA ITALIANA.

Coordinator l
Fátima de Jesus Folgôa Baptista [ ]

Adélia Maria Oliveira Sousa [ ]
José Rafael Marques da Silva [ ]
Luís Leopoldo de Sousa e Silva [ ]
Vasco Manuel Fitas da Cruz [ ]