Ciência e Tecnologia dos Alimentos (MED)



  1. To promote and consolidate excellent research in the field of food characterization, production, processing and conservation in order to ensure its quality and safety;
  2. To enhance product differentiation and innovation in order to increase products added value, considering market needs and consumers preferences and ensuring a sustainable market position;
  3. To develop new and/or adapted technologies that will enable processing and valorisation of quality and safe food products from the nutritional and organoleptic point of view;
  4. To increase knowledge transfer of research outcomes to the industries contributing actively to the development of competitiveness as well as to the consolidation of the SME sector, mainly at regional level (though not forgetting the national level), thus contributing to a long term sustainability of regional economy based on innovation and competitiveness;
  5. To increase and establish multidisciplinary networks that will include national or international partners and stakeholders.

Linhas de Investigação

  1. Increase the safety of meat products (sausages), controlling the amounts of biogenic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, by using selected indigenous starter cultures and improving technology.
  2. Reduce the amounts of cholesterol and lipids in meat, whilst maintaining quality, by modifying Alentejo pig's diet.
  3. Characterize the lipidic profile of "lamprey", highlighting the ratio omega 6/omega 3 importance to an equilibrated diet.
  4. Develop a new methodology for the detection and quantification of pesticides residues in olive oil based on molecularly imprinted polymers technology.
  5. Develop an alternative ageing technologies for wine and wine spirits by using different woods with oenological relevance and the impact of their use in sensorial and chemical characteristics of products.
  6. Improve post-harvest technology to increase shelf life of high quality fruits.

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