information to the ICAAM researcher

The information that must appear in the acknowledgements in scientific articles ICAAM Members is the following

For InAlentejo:

For thanks:

  • This work has been supported by FEDER and National funds, through the Programa Operacional Regional do Alentejo (InAlentejo) Operation ALENT-07-0262-FEDER-001871/ Laboratório de Biotecnologia Aplicada e Tecnologias Agro-Ambientais.

In posters and other material disclosure must also be placed logos available her her .

For FCT:

(in accordance with the Circular 01/2014 of ICAAM)

  • This work is funded by FEDER Funds through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors - COMPETE and National Funds through FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology.

These acknowledgments should be included in all scientific articles published by ICAAM members.