Team of the Soil Microbiology Lab 

Isabel Brito

Isabel Brito  (Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology)
For more than 20 years I have developed, research on arbuscular mycorrhiza in low input cropping systems, in Mediterranean region. My study has focused on how cultural practices (soil mobilization, weed control, use of cover crops) can enhance the benefits of mycorrhization with native fungi and their functional diversity, especially in the protection of plants against biotic and abiotic stresses.  | Link to CV


Luis Alho

Luís Alho  (Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology)
I have dedicated all my professional activity to the study of the symbiotic and associative relationships between soil microbes and host plants, with emphasis on symbiosis "rhizobia" x Legumes.  | Link to CV


Ana Alexandre

Ana Alexandre (Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology)

My research has been dedicated to the study of rhizobia diversity, as well as the investigation of the molecular bases of stress tolerance in these bacteria and the genes that can influence the interaction with the host plant. More recently, I have been dealing with problems that originate from practice and that are limiting for the development of agricultural crops. I am involved in research related to the control of diseases caused by bacteria and also in the study of microbial activity in soil and its connection with the management of agroecosystems.  | Link to CV


Clarisse Brígido

Clarisse Brígido  (Post-doc Researcher)
My research interest relies on the study of mutualistic plant-microbe interactions, in particularly interactions between leguminous plants and beneficial soil microbes. Currently, my research work is focused on the study of plant growth-promoting mechanisms used by beneficial microbes as well as on the study of the plant microbiomes, to ultimately, to develop new and effective ways to protect plants from biotic and abiotic stresses.  | Link to CV


Esther Menéndez

Esther Menéndez (Post-doc Researcher)
My research is focused mainly on the molecular basis of mutualistic plant-microbe interactions, particularly on the bacterial side of the interaction and also, on the beneficial effects exerted by rhizobia and endophytic bacteria on different leguminous and non-leguminous crops. Moreover, I am interested on microbial diversity and taxonomy, in order to know who is who and which are the effects of bacterial communities on crops submitted to a diverse range of conditions..  | Link to CV


Joana Ribeiro

Joana Ribeiro (Research Fellow)
My background studies are in Biology and I have a Master's degree in Conservation Biology. I am currently attending a course in Agronomy. My main area of interest and the basis for my scientific activity to date is, essentially, the sustainability of agricultural systems and the interactions between cultural practices and ecosystems. | Link to CV



Taiana Conceição  (PhD Student)

Graduation in Biological Sciences, line of research into biodiversity and antimicrobial activity of endophytic bacteria and fungi of cacao. Master’s in biotechnology, line of research into biotechnological potential of fungi ligninolytic enzymes from Bahia-Brazil. Biology technician at Federal University of Bahia’s Reconcavo. Currently a doctoral student in Biology at the University of Évora researching enzymatic activity and soil microbioma associated to the bioprotective effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza.  | Link to CV


Inês Vieira

Inês Vieira  (Master student)

Degree in Biology from the University of Évora. Currently finishing my master's degree in Agronomic Engineering and developing my thesis in the field of Soil Microbiology, which is one of the areas that interests me the most.


Gertrudes Mariano

Gertrudes Mariano (Technician)
As technician, I provide assistance to all the ongoing research lines, namely in the preparation of solutions and culture media as well as preparing all the lab material.


Filipa Santos

Filipa Santos  (Technician)
Como técnica superior, participo na montagem e acompanhamento de ensaios de plantas, tanto em estufa como no campo. Dou também apoio no processamento das amostras resultantes dos ensaios.


Manuel Figo

Manuel Figo (Technician)
Como técnico superior, participo na montagem e acompanhamento de ensaios de plantas, tanto em estufa como no campo. Dou também apoio no processamento das amostras resultantes dos ensaios.