Interdisciplinary Landscape Management PhD

GIP PhD- Interdisciplinary Landscape Management PhD Program

Course Presentation

The PhD on Interdisciplinary Landscape Management  exists since 2009. In that year, the PhD program had the same content but a different name: Landscape, Biodiversity and Society. After accreditation process the PhD program was named Interdisciplinary Landscape Management. With 4 editions (this year on a break, but opening again next school year), it has created as a joint PhD Program involving the University of Évora, the University of Lisbon (previous  Technical University of Lisbon) and the University of the Azores - by a group of Portuguese lecturers and researchers very much connected internationally with Landscape Ecology, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics and Nature, Forestry Management and Regional Science.

Until now PhD students come from all over de country and also from Brazil and Angola, next year, the first group will present their PhD thesis. The scientific committee of the PhD program things this is the right time to further internationalize the PhD Program, providing classes in English and enlarging the geographical scope of the students from several regions of Europe. We would like to involve students able to interact creatively between scientific established paradigms and very much interested in addressing the scientific and policy challenges of the landscape.

The program involves at least one semester in Portugal. The second semester of the first year and the development of the thesis can be done either in Portugal or in any other place with whom there are still effective links.


The aim of this PhD program is the development of methodologies and scientific capabilities to support the design and evaluation of public policies and the creation of management tools that can help meet the growing demands of society for the multiple goods and services provided by the rural landscapes (agriculture, recreation, biodiversity, water, carbon sequestration, energy, etc.). The tradeoffs and complementarities between this goods and services demands interdisciplinary developments that are able to integrate different scientific field’s shut as ecology, agronomy, economy, sociology, geography, political science and ethics. It already exists interdisciplinary investigation fields for this type off approach such as the landscape ecology, conservation biology, ecological ecology and regional science, but it’s still necessary more integrating work of the different approaches pursuing the conceptual bases and implementing solutions. 

Vocational opportunities

Whit the conclusion of the course Interdisciplinary Landscape Management , students will be qualified to developed integration methodologies of disciplinary paradigms in which the analysis object is man and the environment. Student’s should be able to learn, adapt and developed methodologies to:

Evaluate the good and services supported by landscape, such as biodiversity, hunt, environmental quality, recreation, carbon sequestration;

  • Be able to draw and evaluate land use politic, such as planning law, regulation, environmental taxes and subsidies, breeding new markets or new regime of right of property;
  • Institute and state the reasons that support decisions such as multiple criteria analysis, modeling socio-economic systems and participatory approaches;
  • Understand social practices and perceptions and of land use social building;
  • Developed spatial models that integrate environment, technology, economics and regulation.

Students that are interested should, first, send their CV  and letter of motivation to one of the members of the scientific committee:

  • University of Évora/ICAAM, Teresa Pinto Correia:  
  • University of Lisbon/High Institute for Agronomy, José Manuel Lima Santos:  
  • University of the Azores / Campus of Angra do Heroísmo, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho:

Programa de Doutoramento