Veterinary Sciences

duration: 6 semesters
180 ECTS (12 mandatory and 18 optative in modules; )
data de acreditação: 23/06/2016
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: /5123


The PhD programme in Veterinary Sciences of the University of Évora (PD-CVET/UÉ) promotes the development of competences and advanced training for research in the Veterinary Sciences field, in close connection with other agricultural sciences, life sciences and health sciences. The programme benefits from the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary characteristics of the departmental organization of the University of Évora and associated research centres, allowing students to acquire competences that are simultaneously transversal and adapted to each dissertation project. The PD-CVET / UÉ has the support of the researchers from the University of Évora and from from other national and international research centres. The PhD course consists of 30 credits (ECT), 12 mandatory and 18 optional, where  students can follow 3rd cycle curricular units, chosen according to their training requirements, and may also be granted credits for other activities related to the programme, such as internships, courses, training actions and participation in congresses. The 150 ECT of the thesis are granted after the presentation and public discussion of an original dissertation on a theme related to fundamental or applied research in the field of the Veterinary Sciences.

Professional Careers

Lecturing in universities or other higher education establishments; Fundamental and applied research in Veterinary Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Biological Sciences in general, in national or international public or private organizations.

Associate Director(s)

Maria Eduarda Potes
Elvira Sales Baptista

Gestor Académico

Manuel Luís Casinha Brandão

Completed Thesis

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