ICAAM Structure

Organization chart


Board of Directors

The Board of Direction ensures the proper functioning of ICAAM, in accordance with the plan of activities and budget approved by the Scientific Council.

Maria Teresa Amado Pinto Correia   (mtpc@uevora.pt )



Scientific Board

The Scientific Council includes all eligible ICAAM PhDs researchers. Its functions include approval of scientific and financial reports, annual activity plans and budget and the admission of new members. The President and the Vice Presidents of the Scientific Council assume the positions of Director and Sub-directors, respectively.

Permanent Council of the Scientific Council

The Permanent Council of the Scientific Council advises the Board of Direction on current affairs. It is formed by the members of the Board of Direction and by the Coordinators of the Research Groups.

External Scientific Advisory Comitee Permanent

  • Gad Baneth , DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVCP - Director, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, Professor of Veterinary Medicine. The Rybak-Pearson Chair in Veterinary Medicine. Koret School of Veterinary Medicine. Hebrew University (Israel)
  • Hubert Wiggering  - Professor of geo-ecology at the University of Potsdam. University of Potsdam, Institute for Earth and environmental sciences. Scientific Director of the Leibniz-Centre for agricultural landscape research (ZALF) in Müncheberg

External Observer - Michael J. Goss. Editor-in-Chief, Soil Use and Management. Professor Emeritus. School of Environmental Sciences. University of Guelph. Guelph. Ontario. CANADA

External Stakeholder Panel

The ICAAM Stakeholder Panel arises from the need to establish an interaction between research and actors on the territory, in the agricultural sector and in the food value chain, in the management of the environment and resources, in the territory.

ICAAM wants that its Stakeholder Panel be a privileged area of discussion and consultation at regional and national level on the ICAAM's strategy and activities, which will ensure a better link to practice as a whole, considering the Various potentialities and problems that characterize the south of Portugal.





Associação de Agricultores de Alcácer

Eng. Francisco Vacas 



Associação dos Jovens Agricultores do Sul

Eng. Diogo Pestana Vasconcelos



Associação de Criadores de Porco Alentejano

Eng. Nuno Nobre Faustino



Associação de Agricultores do Baixo Alentejo

Eng. Francisco Palma



Associação de Criadores de Bovinos Mertolengos

Eng. Eduardo Jorge Mira Cruz



Associação Nacional de Criadores de Ovinos de Raça Merina

Eng. Tiago Perloiro

(Technical Secretary)


União da Floresta Mediterrânica

Eng.ª Conceição Santos Silva

(I&D + i Manager)


Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo

Dr.ª Fátima Duarte

(Scientific Coordinator)


ACOS - Associação de Agricultores do Sul

Eng. Claudino de Matos 

(General Director)


Adega Mayor – Grupo Nabeiro

Dr.ª Rita Nabeiro

(General Director)


Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal

Eng. Luís Miguel Correia Mira

(Secretary general)


CVRA - Comissão Vitivinícola Regional Alentejana

Eng.º Francisco Mateus 



Comunidade Intermunicipal do Baixo Alentejo

Dr. Fernando Romba

(Secretary general)


Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo

Dr.ª Ana Paula Amendoeira 



Turismo do Alentejo ERT (Entidade Regional de Turismo)

Dr. José Manuel Santos

(Secretary general)


Esporão SA

Dr. Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira (Ecosystem Manager)

Dr.ª Ana Carrilho (Olive Oil manager) 


Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestrutura do Alqueva s.a

Eng. Diogo Nascimento  (Director-Coordinator)

Eng.ª Bárbara Tita (Sustainability Department Manager)


Monte ace  - Desenvolvimento do Alentejo Central

Dr.ª Marta Alter

(Technical Director)


Portalimpex L.da

Eng. Nuno Marques 

(Entrepreneur and producer)



Eng. Pedro Baptista

 (Enologist from Cartuxa Winery)


Terrius Lda

Eng.ª Rita Beltrão Martins


Eng. Filipe Verdasca



Herdade da Camoeira

Dr. Caetano Oliveira Soares

(Entrepreneur and producer)


  • Prof.ª Teresa Pinto Correia
  • Prof. Mário de Carvalho
  • Prof. Nuno Charneca
  • Prof.ª Elvira Sales-Baptista
  • Prof.ª Fátima Baptista
  • Prof.ª Maria João Cabrita

Research Groups - Coordinators

Administrative Services

The Steering and Scientific Advice are assisted in their activities by Administrative Services.

Office for Communication, Technology Transfer and Innovation – UDIT

The Office for Communication, Technology Transfer and Innovation - UDIT, has as its main objectives to disseminate the results of research and development of ICAAM and promote the transfer of technological innovation contributing to regional development.

Contact Name:
Patrícia Vacas de Carvalho

Infrastructure of ICAAM

The infrastructure  of ICAAM include 22 laboratories, organized into 5 Áreas , and 10 Units of Support to Experimentation .

Infrastructure and equipment can be used by all members of ICAAM as well as authorized visitors.