ICAAM structure includes 7 research groups. Each group is led by a Doctoral Researcher and includes other researchers and PhD students. Each research group represent different perspectives and research objects:

  • Animal Biosciences (AB) 
  • Farming Technology and Energy Efficiency (FTE) 
  • Soil, Water and Climate (SWC)
  • Landscape, Biodiversity and Socio-Ecological Systems (LABS) 
  • Genetic Resources and Functional Genomics (GRFG) 
  • Plant Protection
  • Food Science and Technology (FST)

Currently, ICAAM has 130 integrated researchers, 79 collaborators and 26 doctoral students inserted in the laboratories of ICAAM (about 100 pHd associated)

Over the past 5 years, the evolution of the number of ICAAM members, their publications in ISI/Scops-indexed journals or in books with international circulation, and the number of national and international projects in which ICAAM is involved can be seen in the charts Following