Community Outreach

The dissemination of ICAAM's Research and Development results and the provision of Specialised Services to the Community are two key aspects of our activity.

In addition to the core research activity, our laboratories provide a vast number of Services such as laboratory tests, consultancy in agronomic and environmental areas and the execution of research studies or projects either in partnerships  or by contract.

The promotion of the Science & Society  relationship is developed by projects and activities targeted to schools and general publics, based on the establishment of a close relationship with the community at local and regional levels.

ICAAM publish and participate in technical and dissemination publications that are available in our website in digital format. When this is not possible the hard copies are available at the Secretariat of ICAAM.

Patrícia Vacas de Carvalho
UDIT, Office for Communication, Technology Transfer and Innovation  
Tel: 266 760 885