Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

duration: 8 semesters
240 ECTS (24 mandatory and 6 optative in UCS; )
data de acreditação: 18/06/2015
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: /PA22


The main objective of the PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is to promote the conciliation of agricultural production with environmental quality, thus preserving functional processes and biodiversity. This third study cycle aims at being a pedagogical and scientific interface between agricultural and environmental sciences, which generates synergies that promote production processes both environmentally more sustainable and territoriality more balanced. By matching the agricultural and environmental fields it is expected that the students improve significantly their knowledge both about and how to. The functional integration of these two fields will be the main distinctive aspect of this PhD program. With this endowment we believe to make a difference within the national PhD panorama. After concluding the teaching-learning process students should demonstrate: (1) capacity of systematic understanding on the course’s two main fields – agricultural and environmental sciences; (2) methodological knowledge linked to the two fundamental areas of the course and proficiency in the research methods necessary to develop their experimental work; (3) capacity to autonomously conceive and undertake research in line with the current academic high standards.

Professional Careers

Our PhD students are taught with the skills that will allow them to develop a career in both national and international academic institutions (at any of the three higher education cycles), State services, international community institutions, industrial and agrarian companies, just as well as technical and scientific consultancy offices.

Associate Director(s)

António Pedro Santos
Maria João Pires de Bastos Cabrita

Gestor Académico

Hugo Alexandre Velho Vilalva Sena

Completed Thesis

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