Macromycology Laboratory


In this laboratory we develop research, teaching, dissemination and extension activities centered in the following areas:

  • diversity, conservation and management of mycological resources;
  • Mycorrhizal synthesis between plants and fungi; 
  • Production of mycorrhizal mushrooms.

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Responsável: Celeste Santos e Silva []


  • Celeste Santos and Silva, assistant professor, Department of Biology
  • Rogério Louro, Researcher
  • José Andrade, Master student
  • Faustino Lutete, Master student
  • Maria Otília Miralto, Téchnical
  • Maria Inácia Ferreira, Technical assistant

Contactos e Horário

University of Évora

Pólo da Mitra

Apartado 94, 7006-554 Évora, Portugal

Phone: +351 266 760 885

22/06 - E-mail:

- Advice and consultant services in the context of Macromicology (mushrooms), to the general public and companies, promoting the transfer of knowledge between Academia and society. 

Ongoing projects

  • Micorrização of Cistus spp. with Terfezia Arenaa (Moris) Trappe and its application in the production of truffle, reference ALT20-03-0145-Feder-000006, funded by Portugal 2020
  • Study of the diversity of the Macrofungi of the Mitra (auto-financed)



  • Support for Master's and PhD classes


  • Workshops and mycological tours;
  • Activities with schools in the region, municipalities, associations and state and private entities