ICAAM's common use infrastructure is one of its main valences. 5 large laboratory areas have been defined:

  • Food and nutritional technology; 
  • Physiology, health and animal behavior; 
  • Soils and water; 
  • Landscape, ecosystems and biodiversity; 
  • Valorisation of Genetic Resources and Plant Protection

In these five laboratory areas, 22 laboratories are inserted with three aspects of action: research, teaching and services

Responsável: Teresa Pinto-Correia
Laboratório Responsável
Molecular Biology Laboratory Hélia Cardoso
Laboratory of Botany Anabela Belo
Rural Engineering Laboratory António Fernando Bento Dias
Oenology Laboratory Maria João Cabrita
Entomology Laboratory Fernando Rei
Soil Physics Laboratory Rui Machado
Laboratory of Applied Animal Physiology Fernando Capela e Silva
Plant Physiology Laboratory Renato Coelho
Macromycology Laboratory Celeste Santos e Silva
Plant Breeding and Biotecnology Laboratory Augusto Peixe
Mycology Laboratory Rosário Félix
Microbiology Laboratory Cristina Queiroga
Soil Microbiology Lab. Ana Alexandre
Nematology Laboratory Manuel Mota
Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory Maria Isabel Ferraz de Oliveira
Laboratory of Ornithology (LabOr) João Rabaça
Laboratory of Palynology and Aerobiology Elsa Rute Guerra Caeiro
Parasitology Laboratory - Victor Caeiro Helder Cortes
Laboratory of Reproduction and Lactation Rui Charneca
Laboratory of technology and post-harvest Ana Elisa Rato
Technology and Quality Laboratory of Regional Products Cristina Conceição
Laboratory of Plant Virology Maria do Rosário Félix
Responsável: Augusto Peixe
Laboratório Responsável
Plant Growth Chambers Augusto Peixe
Ultrafreezers José Manuel Martins
Experimental winepress Miguel Elias
Animal Testing Elvira Sales Baptista
Microscopy and Cytometry Luís Alho
Geotechnologies Equipment José Rafael Marques da Silva
Greenhouse Complex Rui Machado
Processing of Plant Material José Calado
Field Equipment Margarida Vaz
Experimental Plots Luiz Gazarini