Laboratory of Applied Animal Physiology

We are interested in areas of research in applied physiology, especially those emphasizing adaptive and integrative mechanisms.

  • Adaptive physiology includes 1) inherent adaptations such as those related to development, aging, and pathophysiological conditions and 2) adaptations to the external environment such as those occurring with thermal changes, xenobiotic effects, etc.
  • Integrative physiology includes 1) horizontal integration across organ systems and 2) vertical integration from molecule to cell, organs and organisms.
Responsável: Fernando Capela e Silva []


Contactos e Horário

Laboratory of Applied Animal Physiology, ICAAM
Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra
Apartado 94
7006-554 Évora

Telephone: +351 266 760 885

Areas of Research

  • Tissues homeostasis and biomarkers of tissue function, injury and repair.
  • Morphological and physiological plasticity in thermally variable environments. Biomarkers for seasonal heat stress.
  • Characterization of salivary proteome in health and disease.
  • Influence of saliva in taste sensitivity and oral perception, and their influence in food preferences and choices.
  • Studies about the effects of diet types and hormonal factors on morphophysiological adaptations of lingual and major salivary glands, and oral tissues.



Cromatography (LC-MS, HPLC), Light and electronic microscopy (SEM and TEM) microscopy, ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), Immunohistochemistry, Two-dimensional electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting.