Laboratory of Botany

Our plant biology research aims at protecting terrestrial biodiversity and mitigating negative impacts on the natural environment and productive sector. The primary focus of our research is the native flora of the Mediterranean region, but we also take an active interest in naturalised and cultivated plants.

Responsável: Anabela Belo []


  • Carla Pinto-Cruz, Senior Researcher
  • Luiz Gazarini, Senior Researcher
  • Mariana Fernandes, Researcher
  • Paula Matono, Researcher
  • Erika Almeida, Researcher
  • Elsa Ganhão, Senior Technician
  • Manuel Cândido, Technician

Contactos e Horário

Laboratory of Botany, MED
Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra
Apartado 94
7006-554 Évora

Telephone: +351 266 760 885 (Extension: 24455)

The Lab provides scientific and technical advice in environmental issues to external private companies and public entities.

Main research lines:

  • Plant biodiversity inventory and monitoring;
  • Plant conservation;
  • Understanding, protecting and restoring wetlands, drylands, forest fragments and rare ecosystems;
  • Management of plant resources;
  • Plant ecophysiology;
  • Plant ecology and community dynamics;

Last decade research projects:
2014/(…): Mitra-Nature: Biodiversidade da Herdade da Mitra - LIFE14 NAT/PT/001081, Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions (LIFE LINES).2015/2018: Economic valorization of Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus): study of natural variability and biotechnological applications (ValBioTecCynara).2013/2018: LIFE12 NAT/PT/000997, Mediterranean Temporary Ponds Conservation in Portugal SW coast.2012/2014: IN-ALENTEJO ALENT-07-0224-FEDER-001744, Management of grazing intensity for valuation of montado as a high nature value system. 2010/2013.abril –PTDC/AGR-AAM/100979/2008 Increasing functional biodiversity in olive groves to enhance conservation biological control of insect pests.

The Botany Lab supports the practical courses of Biology for the Degree in Biology, the “Conservation Biology” and the “Management and Conservation of Natural Resources” Masters, and receives trainees from undergraduate, masters and PhD programs.