Entomology Laboratory

Responsável: Fernando Rei [frei@uevora.pt]


Professor Fernando Trindade Rei

Doutora Tânia Mesquita Nobre

Contactos e Horário

Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra

Apartado 94 | 7006-554 Évora

Email: frei@uevora.pt

Phone Number: +351 266 760 800

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday9 am - 6 pm

Services available:

  • Diagnostic tests, to identify arthropods. Mostly phytophages, present in several agricultural crops, 
  • Counseling for the implementation of actions according to the exams performed.
  • Consulting services in the area of Integrated Protection and Biodiversity of arthropods in agricultural crops.
  • Study and management of agricultural pests, in particular those associated with olive groves.
  • Maintenance of an Entomology Lab insectary, as a space for the installation and maintenance of various species of insects, from pests to auxiliaries, subsequently used in experimental work associated with research projects.
  • Development of molecular biology works with arthropods, and several resources with high optical zoom, essential for the systematic identification of arthropods.
  • Support in the demonstration and practical dissemination of scientific research, both to students from the University of Évora and to secondary school students from several educational establishments in the Alentejo region. 
  • Collaboration in experimental work within various disciplines associated with crop protection, included in the degree in Agronomy, and in the Masters in Agronomic Engineering, Olive and Olive Oil, and in Viticulture and Oenology.