Plant Physiology Laboratory

Responsável: Renato Coelho []


Renato Coelho (Responsável) -

Alexandra Soveral R. Dias -

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Laboratory of Plant Physiology, ICAAM
University of Évora – Pólo da Mitra, Santos Junior building, Rooms 101 and 102.
Apartment 94 7006-554 Évora

Phone number: +351 266 760800 (Ext. 24345 and 24346)

The laboratory can perform services in various aspects of plant physiology, especially in the evaluation of the physiological state of plants. If you want more information, please contact one of the team members who will know how to give the best guidance.

In the laboratory of Plant physiology, research has been carried out in different subjects like water relations, Mineral nutrition, photosynthesis, etc.
Most of the projects and research, work carried out or in progress, relate closely to the agricultural activity (vine, olive, rice) and the assembled (Cork Oak, Holm).

The Plant Physiology Laboratory provides an important support for teaching, especially in the areas of biology, biotechnology, agronomy and landscape architecture. This is mainly at the level of graduation, but regularly supports the work of Masters and PhD students.