Laboratory of Reproduction and Lactation

The laboratory is located at Veterinary Hospital of the University of Évora building, at Mitra Campus. It is composed by two rooms, one focused on male reproduction (andrology) and the on female reproduction (gynaecology). It is a multi-purpose facility used for teaching, research and external services.

Responsável: Rui Charneca []


José Luís Tirapicos Nunes  - Associate Professor with aggregation (Department of Veterinary Medicine)
Ana Elisa Bettencourt - Assistant Professor (Department of Veterinary Medicine)
Ricardo Romão - Assistant Professor (Department of Animal Science)

Contactos e Horário

Laboratory of Reproduction and Lactation, ICAAM
Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra
Apartado 94
7006-554 Évora

Telephone: +351 266 760 885

External services provided by the Lab include breeding soundness of males and gynaecologic exams of females of the main domestic species (in the Lab or in ambulatory service), the reproduction control and pregnancy diagnosis of the domestic females. Included in the breeding soundness of males or separately, semen collection and evaluations are also possible.

Services: see HVUE

For further information please contact the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Évora .

Main research themes:

  • Conservation of refrigerated equine semen
  • Yield and quality of colostrum and milk of sow (in collaboration with other ICAAM labs)
  • Reproductive efficiency of cattle and small ruminants
  • Ovulation rate, weaning to oestrus interval and oestrus synchronization in sows

The Laboratory supports practical classes in the fields of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology, Andrology and Obstetrics and Animal production systems for thefollowing courses: Integrated Master in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Technology, and Agronomy.