Soil Microbiology Lab.

The Soil Microbiology Lab is dedicated to the study of soil microbes that are beneficial to plant growth, namely mycorrhiza, rhizobia and other plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB). We are interested in the investigation of the interaction of these microbes with their plant hosts as well as how they may improve plant growth, particularly in stress conditions (biotic or abiotic).


Responsável: Ana Alexandre []



Isabel Brito  (Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology) -

Luís Alho  (Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology) -

Mário Carvalho  (Full Professor in the Department of Fitotecnia) -

Ana Alexandre (Post-Doc Researcher) - 

Ana Paço (Post-doc Researcher) -

Clarisse Brígido  (Post-doc Researcher) -

Esther Menéndez (Post-doc Researcher) -

Rodrigo Silva  (MSc Researcher) -

Taiana Conceição (PhD Student)- 

Mariana Patanita (Master’s Student) -

Verônica Castro Leal  (Master’s Student) -

Gertrudes Mariano (Technician) -

Filipa Santos  (Technician) -

Manuel Figo (Technician) -

Promotion of conservation agriculture practices is ongoing with a group of eight farmers that implemented and developed this model in colaboration with ICAAM (Plant Protection group). In addition, regular open meetings with local farmers are organized every year.