Animal Testing

The Animal Testing Facility develops research in the field of Animal Nutrition, in order to better understand the digestive physiology, metabolism and feeding behaviour.

The experimental area includes two separate areas:

  • One area consists of 3 x 12 m² experimental-rooms,  2 of them are equipped with 10 metabolic cages and are located adjacent to a stable, with warehouse, support room and office space. Modular fences allow the assembly of individual holding pens with chute, offering flexible solutions for pigs, sheep, goats and turkeys;
  • The second area has 2 rooms prepared for studies with laboratory mice, using metabolic or behavioural cages.
Responsável: Elvira Sales Baptista []

Contactos e Horário

Unidade de Apoio - Experimentação Animal
Universidade de Évora – Pólo da Mitra
Apartado 94
7002-554 Évora

Phone: +351 266 760 885