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5 the September - Project Sustainolive and is Kickoff Metting en Jaén

The Universidad de Jaén  celebrates the inaugural meeting of the project Sustainolive, with the global objective of improving the sustainability of the olive grove and the management of the by-products of the oil mills.



26-30 August - Project SFarm went to Indonesia - Asia to deliver one more Academic Staff Training 

Professor and researcher Vasco Fitas has participated in one more study visit to Asia in Indonesia, organized by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), within the scope of the project SFARM - Sustainable Farming and the WP3 - Academic staff training and preparation.

This study visit aimed to transfer technological advancements of agricultural sectors from EU countries to Asian countries through academic staff training workshops of IPB e da Syiah Kuala University. During the study visit, they visited the IPB facilities and the field research facilities around campus, i.e., the Leuwikopo Experimental Farm and the Agribisnis & Techno Park (ATP). The workshops were held at the IPB facilities in the field of sustainable farming. There were technical visits to visit oil palm plantation at Jonggol Experimental Station at the University Farm, about 50 km from Bogor, and to visit the Mekar Sari Fruit Germplasm at the Private Germplasm Collection in Jonggol (about 16 km from plantation). There were also SFARM project meetings for the presentation of VET courses and MSc courses.



18th July - Portuguese Confederation of Farmers (CAP), REGIBIO, ICAAM from University of Evora (UEVORA) and the Directorate of Services of the DGADR, meet to talk about the Farmers Training Course in Sustainable Agriculture of the SAGRI project.

The aim of the meeting was, through the three entities that constitute the national consortium of the project, to present the innovative training course on Sustainable Agriculture, which allows farmers to obtain a Certification of Participation and Certification of "Sustainable Farmer" (ISO 17024), in view of their possible recognition by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. 



10-14 June 2019 - SFarm Project Metting in Ásia

Professor Vasco Fitas and Professor José Rafael Marques da Silva from the Department of Rural Engineering of the University of Evora are participating in the second study visit to Asia, organized by Tay Nguyen University from 10-14 June 2019, within the scope of the project SFARM - Sustainable Farming and the WP3 - Academic staff training and preparation for delivery. This study visit to Vietnam aims to hold seminars to train the academic and administrative personnel for one week and prepare them for the delivery of the MSc programme in sustainable agriculture at Vietnamese partner universities of the project, i.e. Tay Nguyen University and Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry. During this study visit, workshops were held in the field of sustainable agriculture, the University facilities were visited and, in order to show examples of sustainable agriculture practices, there was a technical visit to WASI and Lake Lak.



10th May - Newbie Projet Metting

ICAAM, under the project Newbie, streamlines debate about the availability of agricultural advisory services and technical support in Portugal for those who intend to install again in the agricultural sector.

[The NEWBIE network will facilitate the development and dissemination of new business models, including new entry models, to the full range of new entrants – from successors to complete newcomers to the agricultural sector.]



8th May - Sustainability in DNA - An association 100% DNA Event on Évora University

On May 8, the association 100% DNA and the Academic Association of the University of Evora organized the event “Sustainability in DNA” in the Noble Auditorium of the Espírito Santo College of the University of Évora. In this event, the Department of Rural Engineering (DER) was responsible for the organization of Panel I with the theme: Rural Engineering - a path to Sustainability. Professors, researchers and students from DER of the University of Évora participated with presentations of projects in sustainability in which they are involved. The Profª. Adélia Sousa presented the DER and ongoing projects in Sustainable Agriculture (SAGRI and SFARM projects), while the Profº. José Rafael Marques da Silva presented the INNOACE project - Measuring the environmental sustainability of agricultural activity with satellites and the SPARKLE project in Sustainable Precision Agriculture. The Profª. Ana Cristina Gonçalves presented - Biomass in the sustainability of agroforestry systems (projects Altercexa I, II). The master's student in Zootechnical Engineering Catarina Martins presented the project AWARTECH - Real-time adjustment of the environmental conditions of accommodation considering animal welfare. In the end, Eng. Bruno Magalhães presented the project Alentejo Circular - Promotion of the circular economy in agricultural and agroindustrial farms in Alentejo.

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21th March - Launch of Fraunhofer AWAM - Centre for Smart Agriculture and Water Managment 

The public presentation of AWAM , the new Fraunhofer Centre in Portugal, for smart agriculture and water management, took place on 21th MArch, as part of the inaugural event of Fraunhofer AICOS’ 10th Anniversary celebrations, that counted with the presence of the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.

Focusing on the 10 years of Fraunhofer in Portugal – challenges and the future – this event held at the Rectory of UTAD, counted also with the presence of: Liliana Ferreira (Fraunhofer Portugal, UPorto); Pedro Almeida (Fraunhofer Portugal); Filipe Sousa (Fraunhofer AICOS); Jörg Laschke and Alexander Michaelis (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer IKTS); Thomas Härtling (Fraunhofer IKTS); Gottlieb Basch (Fraunhofer AWAM -. ICAAM - Universidade de Évora); António Augusto Fontaínhas Fernandes (Rector of UTAD); Tim Hogg (UTAD); Teresa Pinto Correia (ICAAM - Universidade de Évora); and João Paulo Oliveira (The Navigator Company).

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19th March - Project Sufisa Final Conference in Krakow

José Munoz, a resercher from @ICAAM_UE is discussing the impact of territory and landscape  on sustainable farming and farm innovation at the Project Sufisa final conference in Krakow. Very relevant for our new project LIAISON2020, an H2020 project recently aproved



March 2019 - Farm Visit in Portugal by Newbie project

The Portuguese Newbie team visited Paulo Martins. Paulo Martins, is a young chef which, at the age of 37, switch the big cities, restaurants and bars by a small rural village in Alentejo and the kitchen by a distillery. He was responsible of a restaurant kitchen in Portugal capital, Lisbon, and one day, challenged by a friend, decided to turn a dream into reality, so he gave up his work and started his own business producing Portuguese Gin made through a completely handcrafted process. With this friend, they settled in a big farm by a lending contract and transformed an old barn in a distillery space. In this farm, the owner produces wine and Indian figs, and have another person’s, besides Paulo, developing different activities by an agreement.
Paulo went to London where he visited some distilleries and knew closely the processes of manufacture of some known Gin´s, did some training and when returned, he designed his own distiller and started to do some experiences. He collects some of the ingredients in nature and do everything by himself. Till now he can’t live only from this business, he has 2 other part-time jobs, but he´s getting in the market with an added value to his product and is preparing to develop work in the agro-tourism also, receiving tourists to taste the product and learn the history behind it in the farm.



7th February - A story that came from the project NEWBIE


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Portugal new entrants looks for a new innovative solution in organic fruit agriculture: Catarina and Carlos, a researcher in agronomy and journalist, respectively, gave up their employments, ran from Lisbon to start their own agriculture business. Finding land was the first difficulty… they changed three times until they settle where they are now. Today they have their own business, integrated into a big organic farm (400ha) that accepts new comers by a lending contract. The second challenge: to have enough income for both living only from this… they started producing organic fruit trees but they were not happy with the way they were told to do the pest control, so they found in permaculture the way to go on farming. However, they were facing another challenge: the poor soil and scarce water availability in the dry season. They looked for solutions and they knew about an innovative technique called Keyline and wanted to see where and how it worked. It is no applied yet in Portugal. This innovative technique infiltrate water into the soil efficiently and hold it on the land as long as possible. This allows non- inversion cultivation to effectively move water out from moist valleys to drier ridges, thus creating a evener distribution of water that traverses through the soil at a slower rate, which at the same time can counteract compaction and promote deeper rooting and soil creation. They get to solve all their problems looking for answers on their own because in Portugal there are no extension services and the advice companies are not used to help with different and innovative ways of production. They looked for formation and examples outside of Portugal and now they are looked for other farmers, from Portugal and other countries, to help them. Now their business, besides organic fruit production, is also advisory services to help other farmers to use this innovative technics of production. #NEWBIE case study.

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20-21th November - Cork/Corcho Stand of ICAAM, at the III Iberian Congress of the Dehesa and the Montado in Ifeba Badajoz.

Congress took place on 20-21th November and counted with more than 400 participants, including managers, researchers, companies, associations and owners.
It was divided into 5 themes: environmental sustainability, research and innovation, culture and traditions – Social sustainability, economic and normative sustainability, PAC and Dehesa.
The ICAAM/University of Évora, was part of the organizing committee, being responsible for the organization of the Stand on Cork/Corcho.



5th November 2018 - Evaluation of ICAAM - future MED by the FCT evaluators Panel

The assessment of the ICAAM and future MED - Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development took place on 5th November at the pole of Mitra.

In front of an audience made up of the majority of the members of ICAAM and other members from centers that will integrate the MED, the evaluators from the Panel THEMATIC AREAS - Mediterranean Studies: Agro-food Systems, Water and Energy Resources, Cultural Heritage, might understand how MED is proposed to be a centre of excellence in research

The new Center is a result of a merger of ICAAM with Cibio-Évora, Cebal Pole (already associate since 2016) and MeditBio (University of Algarve).



October 2018 - Office of Unimed-Water and Food on a visit to Morocco 

A delegation from the University of Évora, representing the newly created office of Unimed in water and food, moved to Morocco to better know the functioning and specificities of the unimed network.

It was a very positive and fruitful journey that will bring more dynamicas and new projects to the ICAAM.

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15 and 16th October- International Conference on Mediterranean Diet and Gastronomy: Linking innovation, sustainability and health

About a hundred national and international experts debated consumption, motivations and reality of the Mediterranean diet on University of Évora.



9th September 2018 - Nemalab- Nematology Laboratory of ICAAM  in the Congress of the European Society of Nematologists.


Researchers of the laboratory of Nematology-NemaLab of ICAAM participated, with a communication and three posters, in the Congress of the European Society of Nematologists, held in Ghent, Belgium from 9--14th September 2018 (
-Participants NemaLab/ICAAM: Cláudia Vicente, Margarida Espada, Jordana Branco, Paulo Vieira, Manuel Mota

-Oral Communications and posters:

  • Branco, J., C. Vicente, A.C. Figueiredo, M. Mota and P. Vieira. 2018. Silencing of Pratylenchus penetrans pioneer genes by in vitro RNAi nematode soaking assays. European Society of Nematologists (ESN) Conference 2018, 9-13th September, Ghent, Belgium (poster).
  • Espada, M., S.E. van der Akker, T. Maier, V. Paramasivan, T. Baum, M. Mota, J. Jones. 2018. STATAWAARS: a new promoter DNA motif associated with pharyngeal gland cell expression in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. European Society of Nematologists (ESN) Conference 2018, 9-13th September, Ghent, Belgium (oral).
  • Figueiredo, J., J.M.S. Cardoso, I. Esteves, I.Luci Conceição, I. Abrantes, M. Mota and P. Vieira. 2018. FMRFamide-like peptide family members of Pratylenchus penetrans. European Society of Nematologists (ESN) Conference 2018, 9-13th September, Ghent, Belgium (poster).
  • Vicente, C., M. Mota, K. Kamo, J.D. Eisenback, and P. Vieira. 2018. Characterization of a set of cell wall-degrading enzymes of the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus penetrans. European Society of Nematologists (ESN) Conference 2018, 9-13th September, Ghent, Belgium (poster)


21 June 2018 - Steering Committee Meeting of @newbieH2020 discusses this morning @ICAAM_UE.How can we support #newentrants into #farming in #Portugal? @EU_H2020 #agriculture #innovation #entrepreneurship 



7th JUNE 2018  - HNV-Link Cross-Visit to The Burren, Irland


Between the 4th – 7th June a group of 20 Portuguese farmers, researchers and public administration people (Direcção Regional da Agricultura – AlentejoRede Rural Nacional ) is visiting the region of The Burren, Ireland.

The visit to The Burren region is one of the Cross-Visits organized within the H2020 Project HNV-Link – Innovation for High Nature Value Farming  (more info here ).

This 3-day visit includes visits to farms participating in the scheme and a workshop focused on the needs of the Portuguese Montado system for a similar payment approach.

The main goal of this visit is to gain knowledge on the experience of local co-construction of result based agro-environmental measures and to discuss possible problems and applied solutions – and to discuss in the Portuguese group and with the involved people in the Burren, which pathways can be more fruitful for the implementation of similar RBPS in Alentejo, Portugal.



2 de Janeiro de 2018 - Release of 2 videos produced by ICAAM.

On 2 February, in the conference room of Mitra there was the launch of 2 videos produced by ICAAM: See here:-In vitro propagation: -Essential oils and food:



12 to 14 November 2017-11th meeting of the European Bird Census Council, Barcelona


"The last EBP meeting took place in Barcelona on 13-14 November. This was the one with the highest participation so far, with 30 attendants from 16 countries. Data quality and best practices and the launching of the new version of the EBP viewer, which includes a nice set of new functionalities and improved geographical coverage, were some of the main topics discussed in the meeting."


9 e 10 de Novembro de 2017 - Reunião do projecto SAGRI na Universidade de Évora


Decorreu nos dias 9 e 10 de Novembro na Universidade de Évora a reunião de parceiros do projecto “SAGRI - Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture”, um projecto financiado pelo programa ERASMUS+ da Comissão Europeia.

Com início em Novembro de 2016, tem a duração de 3 anos e envolver instituições de 3 países: Grécia, Itália e Portugal

Os principais objectivos do SAGRI, são o desenvolvimento de programas curriculares e de acções de formação para agricultores que integrem na prática os últimos desenvolvimentos tecnológicos na agricultura e que possam assim contribuir para a melhoria das competências dos agricultores e dos técnicos de campo no espaço Europeu tendo em consideração os aspectos tecnológicos e ambientais para uma agricultura sustentável. 

Além dos parceiros do consórcio esteve também presente uma representante da Comissão Europeia, da “EACEA- Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency”. 


3 de Novembro 2017 - Lançamento do Sub Office da Unimed - Food and Water na Universidade de Évora


No dia 3 de novembro de 2017, pelas 16h00, teve lugar uma sessão de lançamento que marcou a criação do Gabinete de União das Universidades do Mediterrâneo (UNIMED) na Universidade de Évora, tendo sido apresentada a Sub-Rede da UNIMED sobre "Água e Alimentação", integrada por parceiros de nove países (Argélia, Chipre, Itália, Jordânia, 


Julho de 2017 - Acção de Sensibilização na Herdade do Freixo do Meio

A investigadora do ICAAM, Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt, dinamizou uma ação de informação na Herdade do Freixo do Meio, na qual apresentou o projeto LIVESEED - Improve performance of organic agriculture by boosting organic seed and plant breeding efforts across Europe . Esta apresentação decorreu no âmbito do Mestrado em Agricultura Biologica, da Universidade de Coimbra.




Antunes C, Candeias J, Arriegas R, Tarana I, Galveias A, Martins L, Bento O, Lopes L, Costa A, Buters J. Q. rotundifolia and P. hybrida pollen extracts induced basophil degranulation: study using a cell line expressing human FcERI. EAACI 2017, TPS 03, P620, pp118.


20-23 June-15th Congress of the MPU (Mediterranean Phytopathological Union)

This important meeting of plant protection of the Mediterranean region ran from 20-23 June in Córdoba, and had the participation of 3 members of the ICAAM, belonging to the NemLab: Claudia Vicente, Carlos Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez and Margarida Espada. This meeting also disseminated the FCT/PratyTech project of ICAAM.

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