ICAAM Research Initiative

The ICAAM Research Initiative takes place from 2 to 2 months at the Mitre campus of the University of Évora and seeks to gather researchers, students, entrepreneurs and others to reflect together on the agrarian research that is done in this centre. This are moments of sharing research information that can lead to the emergence of more projects and initiatives.

6th edition ICAAM Research Initiative  - April 18, 2018-A look at interactions in Mediterranean ecosystems

5th Edition ICAAM Research Initiative  - February 14, 2018-Investigate ICAAM-Europe-Africa cooperation

4th Edition investigate ICAAM-October 26, 2017-international projects of the ICAAM in analysis

3rd edition investigate ICAAM-June 14, 2017-a look at the exploratory projects of ICAAM

2nd edition investigate ICAAM-April 19, 2017 -  Agricultural and Agro-food biotechnology: the CEBAL/ICAAM interaction

1st edition investigate ICAAM-Feb 8, 2017