Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology research performed in the University of Évora is mostly done in the Laboratory of Plant Virology  and Laboratory of Mycology , both belonging to the network of ICAAM laboratories. These laboratories are totally equipped for performing biological, molecular, genetic and biochemical studies of pathogens. They also present a space dedicated to plant growth where environmental conditions are controlled and where there are infrastructures for the containment of pathogens.

The research work carried out in these laboratories is aimed at the genetic and molecular knowledge of plant pathogens and the development of rapid and sensitive techniques for its diagnosis. The Laboratory of Plant Virology has been involved for decades in olive clonal selection programs, carrying out screenings of the main viruses that affect this crop. The research performed in the laboratories includes epidemiological and molecular studies of viruses, host-pathogen interactions, development of new techniques for prevention and control of plant diseases such as the search for natural antagonists and measures to induce protection in plants. In addition to olive, pathology research includes crops such as vines, cereals, tomato and other vegetable crops.

These laboratories also provide plant pathogen diagnostic services  as well as support for farmers in the field of plant pathology.