Laboratories of Mycology and Plant Virology perform diagnostic services in the area of plant pathology, such as:

  • Identification of plant pathogens using microbiological and molecular tests;
  • Technical support and prescription of preventive and control measures.


We perform diagnostic analysis of plant pathogens present in: plant material (root, stem, leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds), soil and water.


Collect the samples, identify them (identification of the crop and collection date) and store at 4 ˚C until they arrive at the laboratory.

Samples should be delievered at the Laboratory of Plant Virology (ICAAM, Universidade de Évora), phone +351 266 760 852.


  • Maria do Rosário Félix, , PhD in Agronomy, MSc in Plant Improvement, Graduate in Agronomy
  • Carla Varanda, , PhD in Agronomy, MSc in Biology of Plant Pests and Diseases, Graduate in Agronomy
  • Patrick Materatski, , PhD in Biology, MSc in Ecology, Graduate in Biology
  • André Albuquerque, , MSc in Biochemistry, Graduate in Biology


  • Macroscopic identification – 20 €
  • Microscopic identification (including isolation and growth in Petri dish) – 50 €
  • Molecular identification – 100 € - 150€
  • Result report – included
  • Technical support - 100 €
  • Travel to the field (technician/day) – 100 €*
  • Next generation sequencing services (NGS) - 250 €/sample
*plus mileage (currentofficial prices).
These prices do not include taxes.
Please contact us for special prices for large amount of samples.